Terror Tuesday #1 – December 19, 2017


By: Robin Gagnon


When I woke up, I was still tied to a chair. For three days I had been in the dark, musty smelling basement. I had allowed myself to sleep for a little while in order to get ready to go through with my plan to escape.

For the past day, I had been cutting through the rope around my wrists using a sharp screw that stuck out from the leg of the chair. I could feel that I had almost made it completely through, but had decided to take a break and go for a nap.

The guys that had kidnapped me hadn’t been down here in a while and I could here a lot of yelling, moving around and phone calls. There was no doubt in my mind that the disgusting men were about to transport me to whatever car, boat or plane they had ready to take me somewhere far, far away. If I wanted to see my family again, I’d have to make my move now.

Continuing with the rope, I felt a satisfying jolt when the it finally came apart. Phase one of my plan was complete. It was right in the nick of time, I realized, when the the sound of yelling and a single set of footsteps came banging down the stairs. I quickly put my head down so that my long, dirty blond hair dangled down and covered my face to make it look as though I was asleep.

“Wake up,” a gruff voice demanded, shaking my shoulders. “I said wake up!”

I didn’t dare move, which only angered the man and caused him to smack me hard against the side of the head. I landed on the floor with chair and my head made a horrible sound as it hit the floor. A headache flare to life in my skull, but I choked back a sob and kept my wrists together.

I could hear somebody yell from upstairs to hurry up and the man turned around to yell angry swear words back. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for, so I sprung into action.

With the man’s back turned to me, I grabbed the rope that had once tied my wrists and wrapped it around his throat. He tried to yell out but was too busy gasping for air. I had never considered killing anyone before, but this was a matter of life and death and I chose to live.

Keeping an iron grip on the rope, I waited until he slumped to the floor before I let go. When I was sure he wasn’t going to be waking up anytime soon, I went through his pockets and took a set of keys and his cell phone. I stared at the electronic device and realized that on here could obtain the information to bring down an entire criminal organization.

I stuck it in my back pocket and silently crept up the up the stairs.Once there, I quietly opened the door a crack and peaked into the kitchen. Two male voices could be heard from the living room and my heart began to hammer in my throat, as I dared myself to open the door a little bit further.

My hands became sweaty and slippery against the cool metal of the door knob, as I pushed it slowly and slowly further until I could peak around to see the two men standing there talking animatedly to each other. My breath began to come out in short rasps when I turned to see the back door only steps away from me. If I could make it there without them seeing me, I’d almost be home-free.

Slipping out from the dark shadows of the basement, I opened the door just wide enough to hide me from view as I quietly made my way toward the exit. Thankfully, they hadn’t taken notice of me.

Just as I reached the back door, I could hear one of them say, “Go check to see what is taking him so long!”

Before I could do anything, I quickly dived behind the kitchen counter and listened as one of the men stomped down the stairs. I didn’t have much time now. It was now or never.

I ran for the back door and swung it open before making a mad dash to the driveway. Three vehicles sat there and my immediate instinct told me to run for the familiar, grey van that had taken me to this horrible place.

Scrambling to get inside, my hands were shaking like crazy as I struggled to see in the dark of night. Above the sound of the keys jingling in my quivering hands, I could hear yelling from inside and my panic began to rise. Taking a deep breath, I managed to calm myself long enough to start the car.

Relief flooded through me for just a moment before the two men came running out of the house with guns in hand. I immediately put the car in drive and slammed my foot down hard on the gas, taking off with the wheels spinning. Gun shots rang out, but I kept going. Bile sat in the back and I felt like I was going to throw up all over the front windshield. I had never even driven before in my life, but I had seen it enough times to be able to figure it out.

Finding my way down a winding path through the trees, I finally reached the main road and slowed down for just for a moment so that I could turn onto it. They would be chasing me soon, so I had to hurry. Grabbing the phone I stole out of my back pocket, I made an emergency call to 9-1-1 and told the dispatcher where and who I was. I just hoped I had enough gas and enough time to get away.

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