Themed Thursday #2 – December 28, 2017

Today’s Theme – The Desert


By: Robin Gagnon

I couldn’t remember how I ended up in the desert, or why I was even there. That was just where I happened to be now; in an endless sea of golden sand. It was all incredible, to say the least. The whole place had some sort of majestic beauty about it. A slight breeze stirred the grains of sand around my feet, making it dance its way down the sand drift I was standing on.

Across the desert, the dunes stretched far into the distance, for what seemed like forever, making it impossible for me to figure out which way to go. Regardless, I set off in what I hoped was the right direction. The sun warmed my skin and my flip flops sunk into the beautiful, sparkling sand with each step. I supposed I could be in worst places. Everything was peaceful here. There was no noise. Just silent bliss.

As I continued, my mind began to wander. Weren’t there snakes and scorpions in the desert? I began to watch my steps carefully. I didn’t want to accidentally slip into a some sort of scorpion nest. Just the thought of it made me quiver.

Some time later the sun became more and more evident in the sky, as it glared down at me. It was getting awfully warm. I was starting to sweat and get a little thirsty. Surely they sent planes or something over the desert to look for people who might be stranded, right?

I looked toward the sky, only to be blinded by the sun’s harsh light. Looking back in the direction I was headed, I could see some sort of body of water up ahead. My heart leapt for joy, as I hurried further.

There was no water. Just a nasty trick created by the deceitful desert. My clothes has started sticking to my skin at this point, making me feel gross. My tongue was beginning to feel like sand paper and I was beginning to think that this place was going to be my burial ground with the sand swallowing me up without a trace that I had even been there.

All I wanted was for someone to find me. Anyone. The silence of the desert was deafening. What I wouldn’t have given for someone to respond to my calls for help.

“Sara,” a voice called out to me. “Sara, wake up.”

My eyes shot open and I struggled to sit up. I groggily looked around and tried to register all that was around me. I was still thirsty but I was pretty sure I could hear the waves of the ocean in front of me. I rubbed my eyes.

“You were really out of it,” my friend continued. “I hope you put on sunscreen or you’re going to be really burnt in the morning.”

I was laying on the beach. The ocean waves lapped on the shore of white sand in front of me, while the whole sky turned a vibrant orange with the setting sun.

“You okay?” my friend asked when I didn’t respond. “You’re really out of it.”

“I just need something to drink,” I mumbled, as we got up and gathered our things. “And I need to get off of this beach. I’ve seen way too much sand today.”

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