Mystery Monday #3 – January 1, 2018

A Thief in the Night

By: Robin Gagnon

Jason was woken up by a knock at the door Sunday morning. He grumbled and rubbed his face, as he grudgingly got out of bed. Putting on a robe, he headed downstairs to the front door, but stopped when he passed the living room.

Sitting in the middle of the living room table was a brand new flat screen tv. He stared at it and wondered just how it had gotten there. His own, larger, flat screen tv sat in front of it in the middle of his entertainment centre. This wasn’t the first time random things had shown up in his house.

Another, more aggressive, knock came from the front door and Jason finally went to go answer it. Standing at his door were two cops and a detective.

“Jason Greene?” the detective asked, and then continued when Jason nodded. “You’re under arrest for twenty break and enters in the area.”

Jason’s eyes flew open wide, “I haven’t stolen anything! Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys. Things keep randomly showing up inside my house.”

The detective gave him a look that showed he didn’t believe him, and the officers cuffed him right there.

“I didn’t do anything,” Jason argued, as they took him to the car. “Can I at least put on some pants?”

Some time later, Jason sat in a questioning room with his fingers grasping the brown hair on his head. This was ridiculous. He hadn’t stolen anything. Someone was framing him.

Finally, a detective walked in the room with a grim look on his face and a folder in his hand.

“Well, I don’t understand why you would do something like this.”

“Because I didn’t do anything.”

The detective held up his hand to silence him and then continued, “All the stolen property was found inside your home, but you don’t have a motive to steal any of this stuff. You make decent wage, you already have nice things and all the property that was stolen was random.”

Opening the file folder the detective listed off all the stolen items, “A plate set, a flat screen tv, some baby toys, a bunch of kitchen utensils, a hockey net, some pool balls, a lighter and a mini fridge.”

“Im telling you,” Jason tried to reason with the man. “This stuff just keep showing up in my house. I go to bed and then I wake up and it’s there. I haven’t committed a crime in my life and I certainly don’t need to steal anything. I work on Wall Street. There’s no need for me to do so.”

The detective scratched his head. This was certainly one of the more bizarre cases he had received. Despite the evidence, he believed that the man hadn’t stolen any of these items, but if that were the case, than who did?

“Do you have any love interests?” the detective finally asked. “Anyone who might have feelings for you?”

Jason thought for a moment before answering incredulously, “No, not that I can think of.”

The detective sighed, before studying Jason’s appearance. He looked exhausted. There were big, dark circles under his blue eyes.

“You look tired,” the detective observed. “Did you not have a good sleep?”

Jason sighed and rubbed his face with his hand before replying, “I have an issue with insomnia and I haven’t had the time to go and get the pills I normally take to help me sleep at night.”

The detective nodded slowly with an idea forming in his head.

“Well, we cant keep you here with not enough evidence to prove that you committed these crimes,” he finally announced. “So we are going to have to take you home and confiscate all the stolen things found in your house.”

“Go right ahead,” Jason shrugged. “I don’t want them anyways.”

When Jason finally arrived home, his house was in disarray from the police raid. He sighed, looking at the mess. There went another day for him to relax. Before he knew it, it was late and he was getting ready to head back to sleep. He brushed his teeth and then made sure his alarm was on before turning off the light and heading to bed.

Unbeknown to Jason, the police has set up a stake out outside his house. The detective sat in his car eating some french fries, as he waited to see what would happen next.

Well into the night, some movement caught the detective’s eye outside Jason’s house. Grabbing his gun, the detective carefully got out of his car and moved slowly toward the source, keeping his distance.

He followed the figure all the way to a neighbour’s house up the road and just as the person was about to break in, he yelled out, “Freeze!”

The person didn’t respond and when the detective shined his light on them, he found Jason, fast asleep, with his pyjamas on.

“Well I’ll be damned,” he muttered in awe. “The man was sleep walking this whole time.”

“Wha-?” Jason replied a little startled, when the detective shook him awake. “What’s going on?”

He looked around at his surroundings and the detective could tell that he was confused.

“You were sleep walking,” he informed the man. “You’ve been breaking into houses during the night without realizing. No wonder you’re always so tired in the morning.”

Jason put his hand through his hair, still a little bit out of it and mumbled, “Really?”

The detective laughed and put his gun away.

“I think you better go buy your medication first thing in the morning before you commit anymore federal crimes.”

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