Terror Tuesday #3 – January 2, 2018

The Warehouse

By: Robin Gagnon

“Vivian?” Emily called out, as she searched the warehouse. “Where are you?”

No one answered her and the place seemed eerily quiet. It was Emily’s turn to lock up tonight and Vivian had gone back inside because she had forgotten something, but was taking too long. It was just like her to pull this kind of prank and Emily wasn’t too pleased about it this time. She just wanted to go home.

“Vivian, let’s go,” she called out. “Please.”

A noise like a click of a metal door sounded from farther into the warehouse and Emily moved cautiously forward.

“Is that you?” her voice echoed against the cement walls. “Come on.”

Nobody responded, so she moved closer to the sound. Footsteps shuffled from somewhere behind her and she turned around to see somebody duck into the shadows. Getting irritated, she quickly moved toward it.

“Vivian, let’s go!”

She passed by a forklift that was plugged into the wall. Usually it was bustling about with someone in the drivers street, however now it just sat there as a dead machine.

Half the lights were shut off for the night, so parts of the warehouse were blanketed by shadows. For a moment, a chill crept across Emily’s skin, causing her hairs to rise on end.

She grumbled unenthusiastically, “Let’s go! I’m tired of this! I just want to leave now!”

Still, no one replied. Becoming fed up, she turned on her heal and headed back towards the exit.

“Fine, stay here then!”

The sound of an industrial light switch being turned off echoed through the air and the lights overhead turned off. Emily froze. The only speck of light illuminating her way were the flickering emergency lights.

“Vivian,” Emily’s voice quivered. “This isn’t funny anymore.”

Nothing but the sound of shuffling surrounded her, seemingly coming from every direction. Then, nothing.

Emily screamed as a ringtone sounded through the dark. Realizing that it was her phone, she fished it out of her purse and hit the green button.

“Hello?” she exclaimed into the phone. “Who is this?”

“It’s Vivian,” her coworker and friend replied a little unamused. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I was in the warehouse looking for you when the lights went out,” Emily explained in a rush of words. “Where are you?”

“I’m on my way home,” Vivian answered. “I figured you went back to your office, so I left. I thought I’d better call you, though, because I was worried that you left before me and forgot to lock up.”

“Nope, I’m still here,” Emily muttered, relaxing just a little bit in the dark. “I thought you were back here. I swore I heard someone.”

She remembered the sound of footsteps and the figure that moved to hide in the shadows. Finally, she remembered the sound of someone flipping off the lights.

“If I’m on the phone with you and you’re on the way home,” Emily thought aloud. “Then who’s here with me?”

No one replied and the sound of a dead line blared in her ear. Emily looked down at her phone to see that she had no service.

“Then who’s with me?” Emily repeated with her voice echoing through the silence, as she stared blindly into the darkness around her. “And where are they now?”

“BeHinD YoU”

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