Sci-fi Saturday #3 – January 6, 2018

The Two Days When the World Was Coming to an End

By: Robin Gagnon


No one could forget what happened to the earth two days ago. It was like something out of a movie. Everyone had been going about their regular routine.

Mother’s were dropping off their kids at daycare. Business men were talking on their phones to potential clients. A few teenagers were skipping school and skateboarding around the streets, pissing off motorists. It was a typical day in New York and the perfect scene to begin the end of the world.

Not many people noticed the giant space craft in the sky until it has blocked out part of the sun and caused a dark shadow to loom over the buildings, streets and parks. People looked up in fear and confusion. Suddenly, things began dropping from it. They were creatures that looked almost human, but more like monsters you’d see in horror movies. Well, it had been about to become one.

The spacecraft soon left, but it became apparent that a worldwide panic had ensued. Videos were uploaded to the internet and the creatures that it had left behind were beginning to twitch. What had happened? Nobody knew, but all that was for certain was that it had brought upon an apocalypse.

People soon began to be evacuated and New York, and some of its surrounding states, were quarantined off. The people that lived within them were left to fight off the creatures on their own, as the military tried to think up a strategy to stop the creatures from spreading further out into the world.

I was one of those people left to defend myself and my family. These creatures were like zombies; hard to kill and no emotions. It was night time now and soon day three would be rolling around, but I wouldn’t sleep again. I kissed my wife and she took the kids to bed. They were terrified and I was lucky to have gotten them out of school in time to bring them home.

The windows were now barricaded, the doors were locked or boarded up, I had guns all around the living room and I was sitting on the couch just waiting for the next disgusting monster to come along. This had become my life.

What I didn’t expect, was to see light coming through a crack in the wood that protected the window. I got up off the couch, grabbing a shot gun on the way, and peeked through the crack. In the night sky was the spacecraft again.

This time, many flashes of light beamed down from the bottom of the spacecraft like the city of New York has been turned into a giant rave. One such light landed right in front of my house and when the light vanished, a figure stood there.

It wasn’t a person, but it wasn’t a stereotypical green alien either. The man, if it was one, appeared muscular and had wide, irregular eyes. It’s skin was white, almost greyish, and its ears pointed at the tips. He had no hair and was holding some sort of gun in his hand. He seemed to be wearing some sort of dark blue uniform as well.

Suddenly, I realized that the way we were living now was these creatures fault and a rage ripped through me, as I yanked the front door open.

My wife was just coming down the stairs and yelled out to me, “Don’t go out there!”

I hesitated, but ventured out anyways. I had a bone to pick with these aliens and I was going to deal with it now.

I came out with my shot gun pointed at him and a wild look in my eye. The alien just looked at me calmly.

“We mean you know harm,” it said in an accent that was from speaking in a foreign language. “We are here to help.”

“I’m sure you were here to help when you dumped those bloodthirsty monsters on our planet,” I yelled at him. “Do you know what you’ve done? Do you understand the damage you have caused?”

“Do not fear,” it replied calmly in an almost monotone voice that was very relaxing to listen to. “We are here to take them back. They were dumped on the wrong planet and we are here to fix our mistake. You see, these creatures are failed experiments after we tried to recreate you humans. We’ve been studying this planet and your development for a long time and would hate to ruin our research.”

Anger exploded through me, as I listened to the alien speak and I aimed my shot gun at its head.

“Do you think we’re just some sort of lab rats?” I demanded. “Get away from here before I kill you too.”

“That won’t be necessary,” it replied, taking out a small item that looked like a taser. “I will put you to sleep now and you will wake up tomorrow as if everything has been the same as it once was.”

I began to say something else, but a light blast hit me in the forehead. My vision became blurry and the shot gun slid from my hands. It hit the ground with a thud and just as I was about to, the alien caught me.

“Don’t worry,” it’s voice was saying from somewhere far away. “You won’t remember any of this.”

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