Whatever Wednesday #4 – January 10, 2018

Today’s Whatever – I Don’t Really Know What to Call This…

“Who Am I?”

By: Robin Gagnon


“Who are you?”

“I am known by many things. God. The Almighty One. The Universe. Your Consciousness. I cannot properly answer that question.”


“Who are you?”

“I am Robin.”

“You must be more than just a name.”

“Then, I am a girl.”

“There are many girls in the world. You must be more than a gender.”

“Well, I am a writer.”

“But that is merely what you do.”

“Then I suppose I am a person.”

“Just being a person is like being an empty shell. That can’t be who you are.”

“I don’t know how to answer your question then.”

“How can you not know who you are?”

“This question is too hard. Do you know who I am?”

“I do not. No one knows you better than you. Not even I can tell you who you are. This question should be easy. Now, let me ask you again. Who are you?”

“I am Robin and I am a girl. I am a person who loves to write, read and listen to all kinds of music. I am the baby that my parents decided they wanted to keep and the sister of a boy that was conceived to be my best friend. I am the kid who loved to daydream in class, but still got high grades despite being told that I needed to pay more attention. I am the kid that wrote her first book when she was six and had it put in the library for other kids to read.  I am the silly kid that started a new dance in my grand one class and the kid that got chocolate cake in her first ever detention. I’m the girl who my parents taught to read big books that were more advanced for my age and still love them for it to this day. I am the girl who was nominated for almost every single award at her grade eight grad and the girl who won an award for getting the highest grade in a class she though was too difficult. I am the woman who got my first job and stuck it out for two years, before finding one that she could do full-time. I am the woman who took her dad on a trip to California because she knew he had never been down South for a vacation before. I am the woman who bought her family a new trailer because she knew it would make them happy. I am the woman who bought her brother and her dad tickets to see their favourite hockey team because she wanted them to have a special memory that they’d cherish for a life time. I am the woman who has amazing friends that never once give up on me, no matter how introverted I can be sometimes. I am a woman who believes in her dreams and will do everything she needs to do to achieve them because to her they are goals, and not just a hope for the future. I am someone who knows that at some point in their life, they will be able to do what they love everyday.”


“Does that answer your question?”

“It does. People often ask themselves ‘Who am I?’, but only seek one answer. The truth is, they are many things. They are their past, their present and even their future.”


“Now that you have told me who you are, it is a pleasure to meet you.” 

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  1. I originally had something different written here, but changed it when it was brought to my attention by a good friend that it was a very negative outlook on my life. I hadn’t realized this initially, and was shocked when I realized how poorly I thought about myself and my life, when I had wanted to write something positive. Not willing to get rid of the original, I will post it here to remind myself that the things I wrote initially, should only make up a small portion of who I am and not be the highlights of what make me…me.

    –“I am Robin and I am a girl. I am a person who loves to write. I am the baby that my parents didn’t plan to have. I am the sister of a boy, who was conceived to be my friend. I am the kid who received ‘The Slowpoke of the Year’ award when I graduated kindergarten. I am the kid who lied to make my life seem cooler. I am the kid who threw a snowball at my friend’s face in school and then got in trouble for the first time afterwards. I am the kid who didn’t learn to tie their shoes as quickly as everyone else and the kid who was always told to pay attention more in class. I am the girl who embarrassed herself in front of her first crush, after confessing her love, and never quite got over it. I am the girl who graduated high school with high grades and then regretted not going to college after. I am a woman who wishes more out of life everyday, working a job I’ll only grow to hate. I am a woman that worries about their parent’s health all the time and hopes to help them retire. I am a woman that has never been on a first date and may be too self-conscious now to do so. I am an introvert who has an unsatisfied thirst for adventure. I am sometimes depressed and also a daydreamer. I’m someone who doesn’t fear dying, but fears death itself because one day it’ll claim my loved ones. I am an unorganized mess that has anxieties about the future because I’m unsure how to achieve my own dreams.”–


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