Sultry Sunday #5 – January 21, 2018

Image By: SolMatter on DeviantArt

An Immortal’s Final Confession

By: Robin Gagnon


Waking past the old, rotting playground, she saw the years of her youth fade into the past. She recalled how she had said, so carelessly, that she never wanted to grow up. Little did she know the consequences of that wish.

After many years had gone by, it had become apparent that she had been given eternal life, just like she wanted. It didn’t take long, however, to figure out that what she had been given was not a gift, but a curse.

Twilight cast an eerie, illuminated glow around her, as she avoided toppled buildings and made her way to her family’s home. The burning pavement scorched her bare feet, as her frayed, white dress fluttered in the wind. From afar, the battered roof of the old farmhouse came into view, just over the road.

Looking at the old building made her nostalgic. She thought of her family who had passed on; her mother had passed away a long time ago, along with her dad, her little sister, her nieces, her great nephews and so on. All of her family members in her family tree, stretching until the branches could extend no further, had passed away.

She had attended so many funerals, that she couldn’t cry anymore. Her emotions had abandoned her a long time ago, worn out by the sadness that came in like the tide and washed everything away, leaving her hollow inside.

She then past her old high school, which she has attended for centuries, in order not to feel completely alone. The desks and books were rotting, and the south side of the school had caved in. The school was long deserted by now, the generations of students rotting under the earth along with everyone else she had cared about.

Suddenly, her thoughts returned back to the boy who had once loved her. Back then, she had denied her feelings for him because, after all, there was no point. He was in love with a girl that time had forgotten.

Back then, she had said terrible things to him and told him that it would never work, to try and dissuade him from having feelings for her. Regardless, he tried to get her to love him. He had bought her beautiful things and they had spent many precious moments together.

For a moment, she stopped. She thought she could hear music playing somewhere. It was the same song he had sang to her forever ago. He had been standing on the fountain in town square, its water all dried up now. His dark eyes had glistened, as people stopped to stare at the girl destined to live forever.

She, on the other hand, had been watching him, as his brown hair shone in the orange glow of the setting sun. She had smiled then, her own blond hair fluttering in tune with the notes that had fluttered away in the wind. All that was left now, was a rusted swan that had broken off its pedestal and fallen into a giant cauldron of weeds. The town’s beautiful buildings that bordered the square had all crumbled to the ground, as the weeds ravaged them too.

She sighed; her mind had been playing tricks on her again and a silence hung thick in the air. The sounds of adults greeting one another and kids laughing as they played had since disappeared.

She continued past the broken buildings and towards the cliff by the shore, as the sound of her feet crunching along in the gravel echoed off every disintegrating structure. That boy had loved her greatly, but she tried not to let his love penetrate her worn-out heart. She feared if it did, she would surely break.

So while she passed the giant field marked with a thousand or more tiny black crosses, she remembered how his old, familiar face turned into content ashes. At that moment, she bit her lip and felt like crying. She started to run to the top of the cliff overlooking the ocean, one she could have filled with her own tears.

The wind blew her blond hair and her tattered, white dress, just like it had on that day long ago. The orange glow warmed her face and the smell of salt water filled her lungs.

All at once, she started to cry, and as the sun rose, its light lit up the world around her and she realized that she loved him. It was hundreds of years too late, but she still yelled her confession across the ocean, hoping that somehow he would hear.

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