Whatever Wednesday #6 – January 24, 2018

Today’s Whatever: Poetry

What to Write?

By: Robin Gagnon

So many words trying to flow out of my head

So many messages that want to be read

But all I keep doing is pressing that backspace

Deleting all these characters is such a waste


These words have left me tongue tied

Causing my brain to be fried

My mind’s lost in a hazy fog

And I’m left wondering what I’m doing wrong


Is it these rules that are restricting me?

Imaginary barriers that don’t have to be

Blocking my view so I cannot see

What it takes to be happy


People say just follow the heard

Do as your told

Work hard and save first

For when you get old


But that’s an old way of thinking

And I don’t want to follow

I want to live a life where I feel alive

Not this nine to five

Leaving me hollow


So many others make it look easy

“Wouldn’t you like to turn your dreams into reality?

It takes hard work and dedication.”

But what about these people telling me I need an education?


Why is it so hard to live and do what you love?

To just do what you’ve always been dreaming of?

Sometimes it just seems like a battle of the fittest

With opportunities only given to the richest


I guess to be heard, you have to yell

And one day I hope I’ll have a good story to tell

So that when I get my five minutes of fame

Everyone will be sure to remember my name

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