Sultry Sunday #6 – January 28, 2018


By: Robin Gagnon


Ever since she was five years old, Sierra loved to daydream and write stories. She’d write all kinds of stories about animals, fairies and princesses, but her favourite one was a story about an adventurer named Emmett.

During his adventures, Emmett would go to faraway lands and find amazing treasures and jewels. He’d bring everything he found back to her as gifts and sometimes they would go on adventures together.

In her stories, he was taller than her and had dark brown hair with one blue and one green eye. Emmett was like her imaginary friend and she talked about him all the time to her parents. She would go on about how caring, funny, and smart Emmett was and then describe the most recent adventure they had been on.

Writing all these stories, however, meant that Sierra spent a lot of her time on her own, which concerned her parents a little.

“You should go out and play with your friends,” her mother had told her when she was ten-years-old. “It’s not healthy to be locked up in your room all the time.”

Sierra would comply with what her mother would tell her, but would soon find herself back inside, after having another idea about more adventures Emmett could go on.

As Sierra grew older, so did Emmett and her talent for drawing. Her drawings became far more advanced, but by the time she was in high school, her parents patience for Sierra’s ‘hobby’ had run out.

“Writing stories about a fictional person for fun, isn’t going to get you anywhere in life, Sierra,” her father yelled at her one night, as he gathered up all her stories that she had written about Emmet and put them in an old shoe box. “You need to start facing reality and start thinking about your future!”

“Dad!” she had screamed, rushing to grab the box from him. “Don’t, please.”

“I’m putting these in the attic,” he had told her, taking the last of what she had written and closing up the box. “When you have established a career for yourself, you can have them back.”

Heartbroken, Sierra had cried all through the night. Her father hadn’t only took her stories away from her; he had took Emmett away too. Not wanting to end on such a negative note, she wrote one last story about him.

In the story, they went on their very last adventure together. They saw the most amazing things and had the most fun that Sierra could possibly imagine. In the end, Emmett faced her with sad blue and green eyes.

“I’ll never forget you, Sierra,” Emmett told her, as he stood in front of a swirling purple vortex. “One day, in the future, I’ll find you and we can go on real adventures together. I promise.”

Sierra drew Emmett going through the portal and ended her story, before sneaking up to the attic and adding her pages to the shoe box that her dad had hid up there.

Several years later, when she had turned twenty-three, Sierra had grown into a talented fashion artist. Her dirty blond hair had grown quite long and cascaded down her back in curly waves, while makeup framed her beautiful hazel eyes. Many guys had tried to win her heart, but she had decided that she didn’t have time for love. She had a career to pursue.

“Sierra,” one of her assistants exclaimed, running over to her with frantic eyes and a measuring tape around her neck. “One of the male models isn’t here yet!”

Sierra sighed in frustration and rubbed the bridge of her nose before replying, “Keep a look out for him and just continue getting the other models ready for now.”

Sierra was stressed out. This was her first photo shoot for her first official line of clothing and there seemed to be problems popping up all over the place. All she wanted was for this to go well.

“Sierra,” an older, male voice called out. “Over here!”

Sierra turned to see her parents, whom had insisted on showing up to the event. Their happy and familiar faces calmed Sierra down and when she walked over to them, her father handed her a present.

“To celebrate your first official clothing line,” he smiled, insisting that she open it right there. “Your mother and I are so proud.”

“You didn’t have to get me something,” she insisted, unwrapping the packaging. “But thanks so much. I just hope the shoot goes well enough, so that we do have something to celebrate.”

When she had taken all the gift wrap off, she was presented with a shoe box. Inside were the stories she had written about Emmett, which she hadn’t thought about in a long time. Her eyes teared a bit at the memories and she looked up at her father with a small smile.

“Thanks,” she replied, taking out the first page to look at. “I’d forgotten about these.”

Her heart warmed when she read a part of one of the stories, but, suddenly, an industrial fan that was meant to be used for the shoot, turned on and blew away some of the pages.

“Sorry,” someone called out, as the fan turned off. “I accidentally hit the switch.”

Sierra rushed to pick up the pages, before they got lost, and stopped when someone picked up the last one for her.

“This is yours?” a male voice asked, handing her the page. “Here you go.”

Sierra stared shockingly up at the tall man with one green and one blue eye. His hair was dark brown and a bit messy, but he still looked handsome nonetheless.

“This is the male model we’ve been missing,” the frantic girl from earlier explained, but Sierra didn’t even look over at her because she was too busy staring in awe at the man in front of her. “I’ve got him all dressed for the shoot, so where do you want him?”

When Sierra didn’t respond, he smiled at her and greeted, “My name’s Emmett Browne. What’s yours?”

Not knowing what else to say, she simply mumbled, “Sierra.”

Emmett’s strangely coloured eyes shone in amusement at her lack of words, as he replied, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”



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