Themed Thursday #8 – February 15, 2017

Today’s Theme: Birthday Party

The Worst Birthday Ever

By: Robin Gagnon


“I can’t believe they forgot my birthday,” Natasha muttered to her best friend, Lizzy, as they drove home from her parents’ house. “They only have two kids! Not to mention, all of my friends never even texted me happy birthday.”

Natasha had been ranting for the past ten minutes about how everyone seemed to have forgotten about her on her special day. After not hearing from her parents for the better half of the morning, Lizzy had drove Natasha over to their house, only to find them sitting around watching TV. When she had mentioned her birthday to them, they seemed surprised and then insisted that their busy work schedules from this week had made them forget about it.

“We’ll make sure to get together tomorrow,” her mother had suggested gently. “I’ll call your sister and let her know. I really am sorry we forgot.”

Natasha had been fed up and stormed out of her parents house without another word. Now, as they got closer to home, she began to tear up.

“At least Josh remembered,” Lizzy pointed out, trying to lighten the mood. “That’s something at least, right?”

“He told me that he couldn’t see me on his birthday because of work,” Natasha sobbed, as they turned a corner. “My boyfriend isn’t even going to be with me to celebrate my birthday.”

Lizzy turned into a grocery store parking lot and looked over at her friend apologetically, “Sorry, I just have to get some things.”

Natasha’s heart sank even further, as Lizzy walked off to do some errands. How could everyone she cared about, betray her on her birthday? She just wanted to go home, but now she was stuck waiting for Lizzy to grocery shop. What kind of friend went grocery shopping when their best friend was so upset?

Suddenly, an idea hit her. What if this was all just a ruse? Perhaps Lizzy was just stalling for time and when they got home, everyone would be waiting there to yell, ‘surprise’. Natasha laughed, feeling a little ridiculous. Why would her friends, her boyfriend and her very  own family forget her birthday when they had celebrated it with her every year in the past?

When Lizzy came back, Natasha pretended to still be upset, so that she wouldn’t ruin the surprise by showing that she knew about it.

“I just want to go home,” she mumbled, when Lizzy was done putting the groceries in the back. “This day has been awful.”

“I understand,” Lizzy replied softly, putting her hand on Natasha’s shoulder. “We’re going home right now.”

On the way back, Lizzy tried to discretely check her phone at a red light and Natasha had to look out the window to hide her smile. Her heart was racing as they got closer to home and she felt giddy thinking about the surprise waiting there for her.

When they parked in the driveway, Natasha gathered up all of the groceries and waited for Lizzy to unlock the door. She tried to think about how she should react when she walked in. Perhaps she should drop the bag of groceries on the floor and cover her mouth, but she wasn’t sure if there was something breakable in the bags. Maybe she would just put them down gently.

When Lizzy walked in, Natasha took a deep breath and followed her through the door in excitement, but nothing happened. The house was silent and empty. There was no surprise party and Natasha’s shoulders sagged.

“Are you bringing the groceries?” Lizzy asked from the kitchen. “I bought ice cream and I don’t want it to melt.”

Natasha dumped the groceries on the counter and then stormed upstairs. This had to of been the worst day of her life. She grabbed her laptop and decided she was going to post a hate-filled comment to all of her friends and family about how upset she was.

However, before she did, she went through the birthday wishes that people had sent her through her social media accounts. At least some people had remembered, even if these were people she hadn’t talk to much in the past few years.

Suddenly, one of her sister’s posts caught her eye. It was a photo of her and Josh at a party at the convention center up the road and it had been posted two minutes ago. Natasha’s blood boiled and she threw her laptop across her bed, which ultimately ended up crashing to the floor. She stormed down the stairs, surprising Lizzy, who had just finished putting away the groceries.

“What’s going on?” she asked in surprise, as Natasha shoved on a pair of shoes. “Where are you going?”

“To the convention center,” Natasha spat, swinging open the front door. “My sister is there with my boyfriend, when he’s supposed to be at work.”

“Hold on,” Lizzy called out, grabbing her keys. “Let me go with you. You’re in no state to drive.”

A few moments later, they had arrived at their destination and Natasha jumped out of the car before Lizzy had even parked it. She stormed off towards the entrance and when the receptionist greeted her, she ignored her and kept walking towards the hall that had loud music playing.

With her fists clenched in anger, she swung open the door and was greeted by hundreds of pairs of eyes staring back at her.

“Surprise!” everyone yelled out, as Natasha stared at the giant birthday banner that hung across the room in awe. “Happy birthday, Natasha!”

Her parents stood by a buffet table and waved at her cheerfully, as they drank punch and a rather large table with cake and presents was set up along the wall to her left. Her sister was laughing next to her boyfriend, who walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the lips.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he grinned down at her sheepishly and remarked, “I take it that you saw the post of your sister and I?”

Natasha looked up at him a little unamused and mumbled, “I did, and I hope you bought me a laptop for my birthday, because I think I might have broken mine…”

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